Immunochemical detection of quinol--thioether-derived protein adducts.

  title={Immunochemical detection of quinol--thioether-derived protein adducts.},
  author={Heather E Kleiner and Maria Isabel Moscote Rivera and Neil R Pumford and Terrence J. Monks and Serrine S. Lau},
  journal={Chemical research in toxicology},
  volume={11 11},
Glutathione (GSH) conjugates of hydroquinone (HQ) and 2-bromohydroquinone (2-BrHQ) produce severe renal proximal tubular necrosis in rats. Since the reactivity of quinones lies, in part, in their ability to alkylate proteins, our goal was to develop an immunochemical method with which to investigate the role of protein adduct formation in quinone-thioether-mediated toxicity. An immunogen was synthesized by coupling 2-bromo-6-(N-acetylcystein-S-yl)hydroquinone (2-BrHQ-NAC) to keyhole-limpet… CONTINUE READING


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