Immunochemical Properties of Recombinant Ompf Porin from Outer Membrane of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis

  title={Immunochemical Properties of Recombinant Ompf Porin from Outer Membrane of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis},
  author={Olga Yu Portnyagina and Olga V. Sidorova and Valentina A Khomenko and Olga D. Novikova and Marina P Issaeva and Tamara F. Solov’eva},
Porins from outer membranes (OM) of Gram-negative bacteria exist in intact membranes as homotrimers forming water-filled pores or channels that provide low-molecular compounds transportation. Surface localization of the porins and their structural peculiarities determine multiplicity of their functions except for the transport one. On the one hand, porins are targets for the host immune system. As the targets they activate factors of the organism fast protection and are involved in the… Expand
Production of recombinant porin from Y. pseudotuberculosis in a water-soluble form for pseudotuberculosis diagnostics
OmpF porin from the outer membrane of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis was cloned into pET-40b(+) plasmid and was shown to have the ordered spatial structure at the levels of secondary and tertiary structure. Expand
Molecular Characterization, Phylogenetic, Expression, and Protective Immunity Analysis of OmpF, a Promising Candidate Immunogen Against Yersinia ruckeri Infection in Channel Catfish
Re recombinant OmpF as a subunit vaccine was injected with commercial adjuvant ISA763, significantly enhanced the immune response by increasing serum antibody levels, lysozyme activity, complement C3 activity, total protein content, SOD activity, immune-related genes expression in the head kidney and spleen, and survival percent of channel catfish against Y. ruckeri infection. Expand


Immunogenic Characteristics of Recombinant OMPF-Like Porin from Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis Outer Membrane
The use of recombinant porin instead of native porin as the antigen in enzyme immunoassay system for the diagnosis of acute and secondary focal pseudotuberculosis does not reduce theiency of detection of specifi c antibodies in the sera of patients. Expand
[The protective properties of a porin from the outer membrane of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis].
The study showed that 80-90% of mice immunized with porin survived after challenge with 10-30 LD50 of Y. pseudotuberculosis, serovars 1 and 3 and made in two injections was more effective than immunization in one injection. Expand
Prediction of antigenically active regions in the OmpF-like porin of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
124 Nonspecific porins forming channels for diffusion of low-molecular-weight compounds are the main proteins of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Porins exist in the outer bacterialExpand
Immunochemical characteristics of synthetic peptides with T-cellular and B-cellular epitopes of nonspecific porins of pathogenic Yersinia
Multiple antigenic peptides that included the common antigenic epitopes of porins from the outer membranes of bacteria from the Yersinia genus were synthesized and were shown to be bound to the antibodies in the blood sera of rabbits immunized with the individual porins and to the immunity of humans suffering from intestinal yersiniosis and pseudotuberculosis. Expand
The outer membrane porin from Yersinia enterocolitica in yersiniosis diagnostics
It has been found that the ELISA test system reveals antibodies to the Y. enterocolitica porin in patient’s serum irrespective of the serological variant of causative agent. Expand
Immunobiology of purified recombinant outer membrane porin protein I of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Post‐immune, but not pre-immune, sera bound to intact gonococci, induced deposition of complement components C3 and C9 onto gonococcal membranes and increased association with and activation of human neutrophils. Expand
Molecular Characteristics of OmpF-Like Porins from Pathogenic Yersinia
The secondary structure of the OmpF-like porins from Yersinia was obtained and is represented by 16 β-strands connected by short “ periplasmic” and longer “external” loops with unordered structure. Expand
Folding and structural stability of OmpC from Salmonella typhi: Role of LPS and environment
From these studies it is suggested that the stability of S. typhi OmpC is modulated by the amount and type of LPS association. Expand
Immunization with the Recombinant PorB Outer Membrane Protein Induces a Bactericidal Immune Response against Neisseria meningitidis
Results demonstrate that the PorB protein should be considered as a component of a vaccine designed to prevent serogroup B meningococcal infection. Expand
[Conformational stability and immunochemical properties of yersinin--a basic protein of the outer membrane of the Pseudotuberculosis microbe].
Yersinin was shown to retain its secondary structure under various denaturation conditions, the content of regular structural patterns depending on specific action of the denaturation agent. Expand