Immuno-biology of Chikungunya and implications for disease intervention.

  title={Immuno-biology of Chikungunya and implications for disease intervention.},
  author={Y. L. K. Kam and Edward K. S. Ong and Laurent R{\'e}nia and Joo-Chuan Tong and Lisa F P Ng},
  journal={Microbes and infection},
  volume={11 14-15},
The re-emergence of Chikungunya fever, an old tropical infectious disease with new characteristics represents a major public health problem with severe social and economic burdens globally. Though Chikungunya has previously been known as a relatively benign disease, its recent re-emergence has caused considerable morbidity with even some cases of fatality. The aggressive waves of the disease are suspected to be due to changes in the virus as well as the vector which makes it appear like a new… CONTINUE READING

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