Immunisation of lambs against coccidiosis.

  title={Immunisation of lambs against coccidiosis.},
  author={J. Catchpole and C. C. Norton and Martin W. Gregory},
  journal={The Veterinary record},
  volume={132 3},
Two groups of twin lambs, kept with their dams at pasture, were given 10,000 oocysts of Eimeria crandallis and 10,000 oocysts of E ovinoidalis either at birth only, or on four occasions at weekly intervals. A further group received 1000 oocysts of each species three times a week in a 'trickle infection' from birth to 21 days of age. All these lambs, together with a susceptible control group were challenged with 100,000 oocysts of each species at 28 days of age. A fifth group received no… CONTINUE READING