Immune responses in 4-1BB (CD137)-deficient mice.

  title={Immune responses in 4-1BB (CD137)-deficient mice.},
  author={Byoung S. Kwon and Jose C. Hurtado and Zang Hee Lee and Kyu Bum Kwack and Su Kil Seo and Beom Kyu Choi and Beverly H. Koller and Godwin O Wolisi and Hal E. Broxmeyer and Dass S. Vinay},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={168 11},
The 4-1BB (a TNFR superfamily member) is an inducible costimulatory molecule that can exert regulatory effects on T cells independently of CD28 stimulation. The in vitro expression of 4-1BB (CD137) is induced following activation of T cells with various stimuli, including anti-TCR mAbs, lectins, and a combination of PMA and ionomycin. To delineate further the physiological role of 4-1BB in immunity, mice deficient in this receptor were generated. These mutant mice developed normally, and were… CONTINUE READING
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