Immune response to maedi-visna virus.

  title={Immune response to maedi-visna virus.},
  author={Sigurbj{\"o}rg Torsteinsd{\'o}ttir and Valgerdur Andr{\'e}sdŏttir and Hallgr{\'i}mur Arnarson and Gudmundur P{\'e}tursson},
  journal={Frontiers in bioscience : a journal and virtual library},
The ovine maedi-visna virus (MVV) was the first lentivirus to be isolated and characterized 1957 in Iceland. MVV leads to a life-long, persistent infection with slow development of lesions in the lung and the central nervous system (CNS). The main target cells of MVV are of the monocyte/macrophage lineage and it does not infect T-lymphocytes or cause immune suppression like human immune deficiency virus (HIV). In spite of a fairly good immune response, including both neutralizing antibodies and… CONTINUE READING
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