Immune response of the gastric mucosa to Campylobacter pylori.

  title={Immune response of the gastric mucosa to Campylobacter pylori.},
  author={Judy I Wyatt and Barrie J Rathbone},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology. Supplement},
The histological features of non-autoimmune chronic gastritis are consistent with those of a local immune response by the gastric mucosa. If Campylobacter pylori is causative in this condition, then the immune response will be in part specific for this organism. Antibodies to C. pylori are present in the gastric juice of infected patients. Coating of mucosal C. pylori by antibody in vivo can be demonstrated by immunohistochemistry, and a neutrophil infiltrate (active gastritis) is associated… CONTINUE READING

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