Immune pathways and defence mechanisms in honey bees Apis mellifera

  title={Immune pathways and defence mechanisms in honey bees Apis mellifera},
  author={Jay D. Evans and Kathrine Aronstein and Yan Ping Chen and Charles Hetru and J-L Imler and Haobo Jiang and Michael R. Kanost and Graham James Thompson and Zhen Zou and Dan Hultmark},
  journal={Insect Molecular Biology},
  pages={645 - 656}
Social insects are able to mount both group-level and individual defences against pathogens. Here we focus on individual defences, by presenting a genome-wide analysis of immunity in a social insect, the honey bee Apis mellifera. We present honey bee models for each of four signalling pathways associated with immunity, identifying plausible orthologues for nearly all predicted pathway members. When compared to the sequenced Drosophila and Anopheles genomes, honey bees possess roughly one-third… CONTINUE READING
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