Immune function during space flight.

  title={Immune function during space flight.},
  author={Gerald Sonnenfeld and William Thomas Shearer},
  volume={18 10},
It is very likely that the human immune system will be altered in astronauts exposed to the conditions of long-term space flight: isolation, containment, microgravity, radiation, microbial contamination, sleep disruption, and insufficient nutrition. In human and animal subjects flown in space, there is evidence of immune compromise, reactivation of latent virus infection, and possible development of a premalignant or malignant condition. Moreover, in ground-based space flight model… CONTINUE READING

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All of these observations in space flight itself or in ground - based models of space flight have a strong resonance in a wealth of human pathologic conditions involving the immune system where reactivated virus infections and cancer appear as natural consequences .
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