Immune-driven recombination and loss of control after HIV superinfection

  title={Immune-driven recombination and loss of control after HIV superinfection},
  author={Hendrik Streeck and Bin Li and Art F. Y. Poon and Arne Schneidewind and Adrianne D. Gladden and Karen A. Power and Demetre C Daskalakis and Suzane B. Bazner and Rosario Zu{\~n}iga and Christian Brander and E. S. Rosenberg and Simon D. W. Frost and Marcus Altfeld and Todd M. Allen},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={1789 - 1796}
After acute HIV infection, CD8(+) T cells are able to control viral replication to a set point. This control is often lost after superinfection, although the mechanism behind this remains unclear. In this study, we illustrate in an HLA-B27(+) subject that loss of viral control after HIV superinfection coincides with rapid recombination events within two narrow regions of Gag and Env. Screening for CD8(+) T cell responses revealed that each of these recombination sites (approximately 50 aa… CONTINUE READING