Immune complexes in experimental alveolar hydatidosis.

  title={Immune complexes in experimental alveolar hydatidosis.},
  author={Zafer Ali-Khan and R. Siboo},
  journal={Tropenmedizin und Parasitologie},
  volume={34 3},
Increasing amounts of immune complexes (IC) accumulated in the blood of C57BL/6J (H-2b) mice infected for 16 weeks with alveolar hydatid cysts. The circulating IC were detected both quantitatively (precipitation with 3.75% polyethylene glycol) and qualitatively (Raji cell binding assay) in the sera of hydatid-mice. The levels of serum IC roughly parallel the increase in weight of the larval cyst masses (LCM) and were inversely reacted to serum compliment activity; the latter was markedly… CONTINUE READING