Immune Response to Parasitic Infections

  title={Immune Response to Parasitic Infections},
  author={Emilio Jirillo and Thea Magrone and Giuseppe Miragliotta},

Intermodulation of gut-lung axis microbiome and the implications of biotics to combat COVID-19.

  • A. SG. KA. A.
  • Medicine
    Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics
  • 2021
This review calls attention to relate the influence of dysbiosis caused by COVID-19 and the involvement of the gut-lung axis to present first of its kind details that concentrate on the momentousness of biotics in disease progression and restoration.

Urogenital schistosomiasis burden in school-aged children in Tiko, Cameroon: a cross-sectional study on prevalence, intensity, knowledge and risk factors

Most participants have poor knowledge about the disease, hence education on vector-borne diseases and the avoidance of stream water contact should be implemented.

Prevalence of Urinary Schistosomiasis among Primary School Children in Kwalkwalawa Area, Sokoto State, North-Western Nigeria

Prevention and control of Schistosomiasis is based on disease surveillance, health education, mass chemotherapeutic treatment of population at risk using praziquantel to reduce morbidity.

Inguinal Hernia: A Probable Complication of Urinary Schistosomiasis in School Age Male Children in An Area Highly Endemic For Schistosoma Haematobium in Zambia.

Inguinal hernia is a probable complication of S. haematobium infection in school age male children, and school age children are prone to this infection in endemic areas.

Prevalence and factors associated with urogenital schistosomiasis among primary school children in barrage, Magba sub-division of Cameroon

Limiting contact with water from the dam, control of the snail intermediate host, provision of portable water and mass treatment of the entire population are proposed as some of the measures to reduce and eventually eliminate transmission in the area.

Impact of Annual Praziquantel Treatment on Urogenital Schistosomiasis in a Seasonal Transmission Focus in Central Senegal

Repeated annual treatments are suggested to have a considerable impact on the transmission dynamics of S. haematobium in Niakhar, due to the nature of the epidemiological system with seasonal transmission.

Urinary schistosomiasis among residents of Kiri in Shelleng Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria

The study revealed that Kiri community in Shelleng Local Government Area of Adamawa State was highly endemic with urinary schistosomiasis posing danger to health of the people and there is the need for immediate intervention by all stake holders in health in various arms of government.

Prevalence of Schistosoma haematobium Infection among School-Age Children in Afar Area, Northeastern Ethiopia

The prevalence of S. haematobium infection in the Middle Awash Valley was high and it varies across villages, Hence, children living in the present study villages of the MiddleAwash Valley need to be treated with praziquantel to reduce morbidity and disrupt transmission.