Immigration and Entrepreneurship

  title={Immigration and Entrepreneurship},
  author={Robert W. Fairlie and Magnus Lofstrom},
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Immigrants and entrepreneurship

Immigrants are widely perceived to be highly entrepreneurial, contributing to economic growth and innovation, and self-employment is often viewed as a means of enhancing labor market integration and

Immigrants and entrepreneurship Business ownership is higher among immigrants , but promoting self-employment is unlikely to improve outcomes for less skilled immigrants

Immigrants are widely perceived to be highly entrepreneurial, contributing to economic growth and innovation, and self-employment is often viewed as a means of enhancing labor market integration and

Immigrant Entrepreneurship

We examine immigrant entrepreneurship and the survival and growth of immigrant-founded businesses over time relative to native-founded companies. Our work quantifies immigrant contributions to new

The Determinants of Sustainable Entrepreneurship of Immigrants in Lapland. An Analysis of Theoretical Factors

Objective : This research seeks new ways in which the socio-cultural capital and human capital of immigrants can be used as a resource in business life in Lapland - a sparsely populated area and new

Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Assimilation

We study the assimilation of ethnic minority individuals to the native labor market and the impact of integration policies on assimilation. In our model, ethnic individuals choose between 1.

Immigrant Entrepreneurship: the Case of Turkish Entrepreneurs in the United States

The ever-changing structural and relational facets of immigrant entrepreneurial activities have created missing dominos in the literature and policy development in the USA. This article explores

The More the Merrier? Immigrant Share and Entrepreneurial Activities

We examine the relationship between immigrant share and entrepreneurial activities in a country. Building on knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship (KSTE), we hypothesize that immigrant share

Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Abstract Problem, research strategy, and findings: A growing number of cities, especially those outside traditional immigrant gateways, have sought to leverage immigrant resources to promote local

Migration, Financial Constraints, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Mexico

There has been evidence on the entrepreneurial behavior of migrants in receiving countries or after they return to home countries, but little research on the entrepreneurship of left-behind persons

Immigrant entrepreneurship with a focus on human and social capital as determinants of success: evidence from South Africa

Purpose As a consequence of global changes, the landscape of immigration is changing. This brings opportunities for researching more nuanced aspects related to immigrant entrepreneurship in new



Immigration and entrepreneurship : culture, capital, and ethnic networks

Many nations invite foreigners to work within their borders, but few welcome them. Those countries that do receive a torrent of immigrants create pressures that analysts expect to intensify as

Which Immigrants Are Most Innovative and Entrepreneurial? Distinctions by Entry Visa

  • J. Hunt
  • Economics
    Journal of Labor Economics
  • 2011
Using the 2003 National Survey of College Graduates, I examine how immigrants perform in activities likely to increase U.S. productivity, according to the type of visa on which they first entered the

High-Tech Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the United States

This article reports the results of a national survey that estimates the rate of immigrant entrepreneurship in a representative sample of high-impact firms in high-technology industries in the United

Mexican-American Entrepreneurship

Abstract We conduct a comprehensive analysis of Mexican-American entrepreneurship. We find that low levels of education and wealth explain the entire gap between Mexican immigrants and non-Latino

The growth of Korean immigrant entrepreneurship in Chicago

Abstract The growth of Korean immigrant entrepreneurship in Chicago is a product of three interacting factors: employment opportunities in the general labour market, resource mobilization, and

Silicon Valley’s New Immigrant High-Growth Entrepreneurs

This article examines the economic contributions of skilled Asian immigrants in Silicon Valley—both directly, as entrepreneurs, and indirectly, as facilitators of trade with and investment in their

Ethnicity and Entrepreneurship

We examine various approaches to explaining ethnic enterprise, using a framework based on three dimensions: an ethnic group's access to opportunities, the characteristics of a group, and emergent

Low-skilled immigrant entrepreneurship

More than ½ of the foreign born workforce in the US have no schooling beyond high school and about 20% of the low-skilled workforce are immigrants. More than 10% of these low-skilled immigrants are

Metropolitan Characteristics and Entrepreneurship among Immigrants and Ethnic Groups in Canada 1

This study assesses the influence of metropolitan characteristics on self-employment among immigrant groups and ethnic minorities in Canada. It compares self-employment among 65 immigrant and ethnic

Mexican-American self-employment: a dynamic analysis of business ownership

This paper analyzes causes of the low self-employment rate among Mexican-Americans by studying self-employment entry and exits utilizing panel data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation