Immigrants and Firms&Apos; Outcomes: Evidence from France

  title={Immigrants and Firms\&Apos; Outcomes: Evidence from France},
  author={Cristina Mitaritonna and Gianluca Orefice and Giovanni Peri},
  journal={Labor: Public Policy \& Regulation eJournal},

Import Competition, Firms' Performance and Immigrant Workers

This paper investigates the impact of Chinese import competition on firms' performance, and whether firms employing immigrant workers face this shock differently. Using a sample of French

Immigrants and labour productivity: firms evidence from Italy (Presentazione)

The recent positive immigration trend that has characterized Europe over the last three decades and Italy since the 2000s, has generated an ongoing debate on the role played by immigrants on many

Immigration and firm productivity: evidence from the Canadian Employer-Employee Dynamics Database

Previous studies on the impact of immigration on productivity in developed countries remain inconclusive, and most analyses are abstracted from firms where production actually takes place. This study

The Abolition of Immigration Restrictions and the Performance of Firms and Workers: Evidence from Switzerland

We study a reform that granted European cross-border workers free access to the Swiss labor market and had a stronger effect on regions close to the border. The greater availability of cross-border

Do migrants affect the local product mix? An analysis of the effects and underlying mechanisms

We study the impact of immigration on the product mix of the receiving economy by combining information on the local presence of immigrants with a highly detailed definition of the set of goods

INAPP WP n . 7 Immigrants , Firms and Productivity : Evidence from Italy

Immigrants, Firms and Productivity: Evidence from Italy The recent positive immigration trend, that has characterized Europe over the last three decades, has generated an ongoing debate on the role

Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Diasporas, and Exports

In this paper we highlight a new complementary channel to the business and social network effect a la Rauch (2001) through which immigrants generate increased export flows from the regions in which

Migration and Servicification: Do Immigrant Employees Spur Firm Exports of Services?

Services play an increasingly important role in production, employment and international trade but are subject to substantially higher trade costs relative to manufactured goods. Knowledge of how

Migration and product sophistication in Italian provinces

In this paper we study the role of migrants in shaping the production structure of host countries. More specifically, we provide the first empirical evidence on the linkage between migration and



Do Immigrants Affect Firm‐Specific Wages?

In this paper, we propose and test a novel effect of immigration on the wages of native workers. Existing studies have focused on the wage effects that result from changes in the aggregate labour

Does immigrant employment matter for export sales? Evidence from Denmark

Immigration impacts on the economy in ample ways: it affects growth, wages and total factor productivity. This study deals with the effects of immigration on firm exports. Can firms benefit from

The Effect of Immigration on Productivity: Evidence from Us States

Using the large variation in the inflow of immigrants across US states we analyze the impact of immigration on state employment, average hours worked, physical capital accumulation and, most

The Trade Creation Effect of Immigrants: Evidence from the Remarkable Case of Spain

There is abundant evidence that immigrant networks are associated with larger exports from the country where they settle to their countries of origin. The direction of causality of this association

The Dynamic Impact of Immigration on Natives' Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Israel

This paper studies the short and medium run impact of highly skilled immigrants from the Former Soviet Union to Israel on natives' wages and employment. If immigrants are relatively good substitutes

Trade and Migration: Firm-Level Evidence

Migration has been associated with higher levels of trade. Previous studies interpret this as evidence of migrants’ ability to lower trade costs. Nevertheless, no study has investigated the impact of

Heterogeneous Firms and Imperfect Substitution: The Productivity Effect of Migrants

To examine the impact of migrants on the average firm productivity, wages and welfare we construct a general equilibrium model with monopolistic competition a la Melitz (2003) considering

Immigration and Firm Expansion

Research generally focuses on how immigration affects native workers, while the impact of immigration on domestic firms is often overlooked. This paper addresses this important omission by examining

The Effect Of Immigration On Productivity: Evidence From U.S. States

  • G. Peri
  • Economics
    Review of Economics and Statistics
  • 2012
Abstract In this paper we analyze the long-run impact of immigration on employment, productivity, and its skill bias. We use the existence of immigrant communities across U.S. states before 1960 and

The Trade Creation Effect of Immigrants: Testing the Theory on the Remarkable case of Spain

There is abundant evidence that immigrants' networks are associated with larger trade flows between countries of origin and the country (or province) where they settle. The causality of such relation