Immigrants’ Attitudes toward Homosexuality: Socialization) Religion, and Acculturation in European Host Societies

  title={Immigrants’ Attitudes toward Homosexuality: Socialization) Religion, and Acculturation in European Host Societies},
  author={Antje R{\"o}der},
  journal={International Migration Review},
  pages={1042 - 1070}
  • Antje Röder
  • Published 1 December 2015
  • Political Science
  • International Migration Review
With increasing diversity of migrants in Europe, questions around cultural integration are gaining importance. This study focuses on attitudes towards homosexuality amongst first and second generation immigrants from 186 origin countries to examine the role of religion, origin country socialization and acculturation. There is clear evidence for intra- and intergenerational acculturation of attitudes with declining importance of origin country context. While individual characteristics of… 

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