Immersive and collaborative data visualization using virtual reality platforms

  title={Immersive and collaborative data visualization using virtual reality platforms},
  author={Ciro Donalek and S. George Djorgovski and Scott Davidoff and Alex Cioc and Anwell Wang and Giuseppe Longo and Jeffrey S. Norris and Jerry Zhang and Elizabeth Lawler and Stacy Yeh and Ashish Mahabal and Matthew J. Graham and Andrew J. Drake},
  journal={2014 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data)},
Effective data visualization is a key part of the discovery process in the era of “big data”. It is the bridge between the quantitative content of the data and human intuition, and thus an essential component of the scientific path from data into knowledge and understanding. Visualization is also essential in the data mining process, directing the choice of the applicable algorithms, and in helping to identify and remove bad data from the analysis. However, a high complexity or a high… CONTINUE READING
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