Immersive Analytics

  title={Immersive Analytics},
  author={Tom Chandler and Maxime Cordeil and Tobias Czauderna and Tim Dwyer and Jaroslaw Glowacki and Cagatay Goncu and Matthias Klapperst{\"u}ck and Karsten Klein and Kim Marriott and Falk Schreiber and Elliot Wilson},
  journal={2015 Big Data Visual Analytics (BDVA)},
Immersive Analytics is an emerging research thrust investigating how new interaction and display technologies can be used to support analytical reasoning and decision making. The aim is to provide multi-sensory interfaces that support collaboration and allow users to immerse themselves in their data in a way that supports real-world analytics tasks. Immersive Analytics builds on technologies such as large touch surfaces, immersive virtual and augmented reality environments, sensor devices and… CONTINUE READING
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