Immediate transfusion reactions.

  title={Immediate transfusion reactions.},
  author={Consuelo Climent-Peris and Rom{\'a}n V{\'e}lez-Rosario},
  journal={Puerto Rico health sciences journal},
  volume={20 3},
Immediate transfusion reactions were characterized in recipients of 15,990 RBCs, 18,013 platelets, 409 single donor platelets, 3,451 FFP and 1,507 units of cryoprecipitate. The overall incidence of immediate reactions was 0.2%. Allergic reactions occurred in 40 patients, febrile non-hemolytic in 36 patients, bacterial contamination in 2 patients, circulatory overload in 3 patients and mechanical hemolysis in one patient. Three patients had nonspecific reactions. The incidence of immediate… CONTINUE READING