Immature pattern of brain activity in Rett syndrome.

  title={Immature pattern of brain activity in Rett syndrome.},
  author={Jytte Bieber Nielsen and Lars Friberg and Hans Olav Christensen Lou and NielsA. Lassen and I L Sam},
  journal={Archives of neurology},
  volume={47 9},
Seven girls with Rett syndrome, a progressive degenerative encephalopathy affecting girls, were studied with single photon emission computed tomography and compared with an aged-matched control group of nine normal children. Global cerebral blood flow was significantly lower in Rett syndrome (54 vs 69 mL/100 g per minute), and the flows in prefrontal and temporoparietal association regions of the telencephalon were markedly reduced, whereas the primary sensorimotor regions were relatively… CONTINUE READING

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