Imipramine-cimetidine interaction: impairment of clearance and enhanced absolute bioavailability.

  title={Imipramine-cimetidine interaction: impairment of clearance and enhanced absolute bioavailability.},
  author={Darrell R. Abernethy and David J Greenblatt and Richard I. Shader},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={229 3},
Six healthy volunteers each received imipramine on four occasions in random sequence, i.v. (12.5 mg) and p.o. (50 mg) in a drug-free state and i.v. and p.o. while taking cimetidine 300 mg every 6 hr. After i.v. doses, elimination half-life of imipramine was increased during cimetidine treatment (22.1 vs. 15.5 hr, P less than .02) as a result of decreased total metabolic clearance (623 vs. 1048 ml/min, P less than .05) with no change in volume of distribution (17.2 vs. 19.8 liters/kg) or plasma… CONTINUE READING

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