Imipenem/cilastatin treatment of bacterial meningitis in children.

  title={Imipenem/cilastatin treatment of bacterial meningitis in children.},
  author={Victor K J Wong and Harry T. Wright and Lawrence A Ross and Wilbert H. Mason and Clark B Inderlied and Kwang Sik Kim},
  journal={The Pediatric infectious disease journal},
  volume={10 2},
The safety and efficacy of imipenem/cilastatin were evaluated in 21 children, ages 3 to 48 months, with bacterial meningitis. Eradication of bacteria from the cerebrospinal fluid was demonstrated within 24 hours of antibiotic therapy in all but 2 patients who had Haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis and ultimately achieved bacteriologic cure after 2 to 3 days of imipenem/cilastatin therapy. Cerebrospinal fluid penetrations of imipenem and cilastatin were determined at various times after… CONTINUE READING