Imidazolium-based polyionic liquid absorbents for bioproduct recovery

  title={Imidazolium-based polyionic liquid absorbents for bioproduct recovery},
  author={Stuart L. Bacon and Rachel W. Jones Ross and Andrew J. Daugulis and John Scott Parent},
Solid imidazolium-based polyionic liquids (PILs; a class of polyelectrolyte) were synthesized for the absorption of n-butanol and other inhibitory biosynthesis products from dilute aqueous solutions. Conventional hydrogels prepared by cross-linking water-soluble PILs demonstrated biocompatibility with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, successfully eliminating cytotoxicity concerns associated with the IL monomers. However, the cross-linked PILs’ solute absorption capacity and selectivity for butanol… CONTINUE READING