Imidazolines and the pancreatic B-cell. Actions and binding sites.

  title={Imidazolines and the pancreatic B-cell. Actions and binding sites.},
  author={Ingo Rustenbeck and Matthias M Koepp and Peter Ratzka and Lars Leupolt and Arnold Hasselblatt},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Stimulation of insulin secretion by imidazoline compounds displays variable characteristics. Phentolamine (10-100 microM) increased secretion of perifused mouse islets at nonstimulatory glucose concentrations (5 mM) and even in the absence of glucose. Idazoxan (20-100 microM) elicited a moderate increase in insulin secretion, which required the presence of a stimulatory glucose concentration (10 mM). Phentolamine is therefore a stimulator of secretion in its own right, whereas idazoxan may be… CONTINUE READING