Imbedding of an abstract variety in a complete variety

  title={Imbedding of an abstract variety in a complete variety},
  author={M. Nagata},
  journal={Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University},
  • M. Nagata
  • Published 1962
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University
Grothendieck Duality and Transitivity I: Formal Schemes
For a proper map $f\colon X\to Y$ of noetherian ordinary schemes, one has a well-known natural transformation, ${\bf L}^*f^*(-)\overset{\bf L}{\otimes} f^!{\mathcal{O}}_Y\to f^!$, obtained via theExpand
Grothendieck Duality and Transitivity II: Traces and Residues via Verdier's isomorphism
For a smooth map between noetherian schemes, Verdier relates the top relative differentials of the map with the twisted inverse image functor `upper shriek'. We show that the associated traces forExpand
In this survey we present several results concerning various topologies that were introduced in recent years on spaces of valuation domains.
Classes de chern et classes de cycles en cohomologie rigide
Soient k un corps de caracteristique p > 0 et x une k-variete. P. Berthelot a defini les groupes cohomologie rigide de x, a demontre qu'ils etaient de dimension finies, qu'ils admettaient une dualiteExpand
Cohomologie de de Rham et cohomologie étale p-adique [d'après G. Faltings, J.-M. Fontaine et al.]
© Société mathématique de France, 1990, tous droits réservés. L’accès aux archives de la collection « Astérisque » ( Publications/Asterisque/) implique l’accord avec lesExpand
Valuation Theory, Riemann Varieties and the Structure of integral Preschemes
In this work we show that the classical subject of general valuation theory and Zariski-Riemann varieties has a much wider scope than commutative algebra and desingularization theory. We constructExpand
A Proof of the Barsotti-Chevalley Theorem on Algebraic Groups
A fundamental theorem of Barsotti and Chevalley states that every smooth algebraic group over a perfect field is an extension of an abelian variety by a smooth affine algebraic group. In 1956Expand
The weight filtration for real algebraic varieties
Using the work of Guillen and Navarro Aznar we associate to each real algebraic variety a filtered chain complex, the weight complex, which is well-defined up to filtered quasi-isomorphism, and whichExpand
Finite dimensional objects in distinguished triangles
We prove an additivity for evenly (oddly) finite dimensional objects in distinguished triangles in a triangulated monoidal category structured by an underlying model monoidal category. In particular,Expand
A cohomological characterization of Alexander schemes
Abstract.Vistoli defined Alexander schemes in [19], which behave like smooth varieties from the viewpoint of intersection theory with Q-coefficients. In this paper, we will affirmatively answerExpand