Imago: presence and emotion in virtual reality


As virtual reality becomes available to a wider audience, filmmakers are being challenged to create ever more immersive and creative narratives for this quickly evolving medium. While many of the early attempts at virtual reality filmmaking have been devoted to the creation of quick paced and aw-inspiring experiences, filmmakers such as Chris Milk and Oculus Story Studio have been more focused on more story driven experiences, using the medium to tell narratives in a new and exciting way. Project Hypnos was created at Carnegie Mellon University to explore immersive narrative filmmaking techniques for virtual reality. The resulting proof-of-concept film, <i>Imago</i>, was created using the techniques developed during this research. <i>Imago</i> plays with the concept of a viewer's presence in a film in an attempt to elicit both negative and positive emotions. The result is a story-driven experience that comes to life through live-action drama, dance, and abstract CG imagery.

DOI: 10.1145/2929490.2931000

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