Imaging the dynamics of gas phase reactions.

  title={Imaging the dynamics of gas phase reactions.},
  author={Michael N R Ashfold and N. Hendrik Nahler and Andrew J Orr-Ewing and Olivier P J Vieuxmaire and Rachel L. Toomes and Theofanis N. Kitsopoulos and Ivan Anton Garcia and D. A. Chestakov and Shiou-Min Wu and David H Parker},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={8 1},
Ion imaging methods are making ever greater impact on studies of gas phase molecular reaction dynamics. This article traces the evolution of the technique, highlights some of the more important breakthroughs with regards to improving image resolution and in image processing and analysis methods, and then proceeds to illustrate some of the many applications to which the technique is now being applied--most notably in studies of molecular photodissociation and of bimolecular reaction dynamics.