Imaging the coupling between itinerant electrons and localised moments in the centrosymmetric skyrmion magnet GdRu2Si2

  title={Imaging the coupling between itinerant electrons and localised moments in the centrosymmetric skyrmion magnet GdRu2Si2},
  author={Yuuki Yasui and C. Butler and Nguyen Duy Khanh and Satoru Hayami and Takuya Nomoto and Tetsuo Hanaguri and Yukitoshi Motome and Ryotaro Arita and Taka-hisa Arima and Yoshinori Tokura and Shinichiro Seki},
  journal={Nature Communications},
Magnetic skyrmions were thought to be stabilised only in inversion-symmetry breaking structures, but skyrmion lattices were recently discovered in inversion symmetric Gd-based compounds, spurring questions of the stabilisation mechanism. A natural consequence of a recent theoretical proposal, a coupling between itinerant electrons and localised magnetic moments, is that the skyrmions are amenable to detection using even non-magnetic probes such as spectroscopic-imaging scanning tunnelling… Expand
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