Imaging performances of LaCl/sub 3/:Ce scintillation crystals in SPECT

  title={Imaging performances of LaCl/sub 3/:Ce scintillation crystals in SPECT},
  author={Roberto Pani and Maria Nerina Cinti and Francesco de Notaristefani and Riccardo Pellegrini and Paolo Bennati and Margherita Betti and Gianluca Trotta and Alireza Karimian and Massimiliano Mattioli and Franco Garibaldi and Francesco Cusanno and O. Cencelli},
  journal={IEEE Symposium Conference Record Nuclear Science 2004.},
  pages={2283-2287 Vol. 4}
Over the last three years, there is a growing interest in the development of a new class of fast scintillators like LaCl/sub 3/:Ce and LaBr/sub 3/:Ce. The new scintillation crystals for the first time, have the main characteristic in producing a light photon number higher than NaI(Tl) at a wavelength suited for the photocathode. The most important characteristic of these crystals is represented from the scintillation light to be yield proportionality as a function of incident gamma ray energy… CONTINUE READING


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