Imaging on pelvic pyomyositis in children related to pathogenesis.

  title={Imaging on pelvic pyomyositis in children related to pathogenesis.},
  author={Gaspar Gonzalez Moran and Cristina Garcia Duran and Javier Albi{\~n}ana},
  journal={Journal of children's orthopaedics},
  volume={3 6},
PURPOSE Pelvic pyomyositis in children is a rare infectious condition, although it is increasingly reported in temperate climates. Often considered a primary disease, new diagnostic methods are able to identify additional foci of infection. The purpose of this study is to review our patients and to analyze the imaging studies to determine its pathogenesis. METHODS A retrospective study of the clinical charts and imaging records of 11 patients was made, noting the number and location of… CONTINUE READING