Imaging of transient structures using nanosecond in situ TEM.

  title={Imaging of transient structures using nanosecond in situ TEM.},
  author={Judy S. Kim and Thomas B Lagrange and Bryan W. Reed and Mitra L. Taheri and Michael R. Armstrong and Wayne E. King and Nigel D. Browning and Geoffrey H. Campbell},
  volume={321 5895},
The microstructure and properties of a material depend on dynamic processes such as defect motion, nucleation and growth, and phase transitions. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) can spatially resolve these nanoscale phenomena but lacks the time resolution for direct observation. We used a photoemitted electron pulse to probe dynamic events with "snapshot" diffraction and imaging at 15-nanosecond resolution inside of a dynamic TEM. With the use of this capability, the moving reaction front… CONTINUE READING

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