Imaging of the renal arteries: value of MR angiography.

  title={Imaging of the renal arteries: value of MR angiography.},
  author={Joerg F. Debatin and Charles E. Spritzer and Thomas M. Grist and Craig Beam and Laura P. Svetkey and Glenn E. Newman and Henry Dirk Sostman},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={157 5},
We compared the efficacy of MR angiography with that of conventional angiography for visualizing the renal arteries and detecting renovascular disease. Thirty-three MR angiographic studies, consisting of axial two-dimensional (2-D) phase-contrast, coronal 2-D phase-contrast, and coronal 2-D time-of-flight acquisitions, were performed within 48 hr of conventional arteriography. The studies were done to evaluate possible renovascular hypertension (n = 25) or potential donor nephrectomy (n = 8… CONTINUE READING


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