Imaging of periosteal osteosarcoma: radiologic-pathologic comparison.

  title={Imaging of periosteal osteosarcoma: radiologic-pathologic comparison.},
  author={Mark D. Murphey and James S. Jelinek and H. Thomas Temple and Donald J. Flemming and Francis H Gannon},
  volume={233 1},
PURPOSE To review the imaging appearance of periosteal osteosarcoma, with pathologic comparison. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data for 40 pathologically confirmed periosteal osteosarcomas were retrospectively reviewed. Patient demographic data were recorded, and radiographs (n = 40), bone scintigrams (n = 10), angiograms (n = 2), and computed tomographic (CT) (n = 11) and magnetic resonance (MR) (n = 12) images were evaluated for lesion location and size, cortical changes, marrow involvement, and… CONTINUE READING

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