Imaging of ischemic colitis.

  title={Imaging of ischemic colitis.},
  author={Patrice G. Taourel and Sophie Aufort and Samuel M{\'e}rigeaud and Fernanda Curros Doyon and Marine Devaux Hoquet and {\'E}ric Delabrousse},
  journal={Radiologic clinics of North America},
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Ischemic colitis accounts for more than half of all cases of gastrointestinal ischemia and constitutes between 1 per 2000 and 3 per 1000 acute hospital admission. It typically affects elderly patients, being a frequent cause of rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. This article describes the epidemiology, physiology, and pathology of this underdiagnosed condition; reviews the clinical patterns of this disease, which constitute a key diagnostic point in patients who have a thickening of… CONTINUE READING