Imaging of human colon cancer xenograft with gadolinium-texaphyrin.

  title={Imaging of human colon cancer xenograft with gadolinium-texaphyrin.},
  author={Scott W. Young and Qian Fan},
  journal={Investigative radiology},
  volume={31 5},
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The authors explore the efficacy of gadolinium (Gd)-texaphyrin (PCI-0101), an expanded porphyrin, as a contrast medium for magnetic resonance imaging of nude mice implanted with the human colon cancer xenograft LS174T. METHODS Magnetic resonance images were obtained in six nude mice 7 to 8 days after implantation of LS174T cells in dorsal subcutaneous tissues. Spin-echo T1-weighted images were obtained at baseline and at 5, 15, and 60 minutes after injection of 10 or… CONTINUE READING
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