Imaging of endodontic biofilms by combined microscopy (FISH/cLSM - SEM).

  title={Imaging of endodontic biofilms by combined microscopy (FISH/cLSM - SEM).},
  author={Christoph Schaudinn and G. I. Carr and Adnan Gorur and Daniel Jaramillo and John William Costerton and Paul Webster},
  journal={Journal of microscopy},
  volume={235 2},
Scanning electron microscopy is a useful imaging approach for the visualization of bacterial biofilms in their natural environments including their medical and dental habitats, because it allows for the exploration of large surfaces with excellent resolution of topographic features. Most biofilms in nature, however, are embedded in a thick layer of extracellular matrix that prevents a clear identification of individual bacteria by scanning electron microscopy. The use of confocal laser scanning… CONTINUE READING


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