Imaging intelligence with proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

  title={Imaging intelligence with proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy.},
  author={Rex E. Jung and Charles Gasparovic and Robert S. Chavez and Arvind Caprihan and Ranee Barrow and Ronald A. Yeo},
  volume={37 2},
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy ((1)H-MRS) is a technique for the assay of brain neurochemistry in vivo. N-acetylaspartate (NAA), the most prominent metabolite visible within the (1)H-MRS spectrum, is found primarily within neurons. The current study was designed to further elucidate NAA-cognition relationships, particularly whether such relationships are moderated by sex, or tissue type (gray or white matter). We administered standard measures of intelligence to 63 young, healthy… CONTINUE READING
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