Imaging in pulmonary hydatid cysts.

  title={Imaging in pulmonary hydatid cysts.},
  author={Mandeep Kumar Garg and Madhurima Sharma and Ajay Gulati and Ujjwal Gorsi and Ashutosh N Aggarwal and Ritesh Agarwal and Niranjan Khandelwal},
  journal={World journal of radiology},
  volume={8 6},
Hydatid disease is a zoonosis that can involve almost any organ in the human body. After the liver, the lungs are the most common site for hydatid disease in adults. Imaging plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis of the disease, as clinical features are often nonspecific. Classical radiological signs of pulmonary hydatid cysts have been described in the literature, aiding in the diagnosis of the disease. However, complicated hydatid cysts can prove to be a diagnostic challenge at times due to… CONTINUE READING
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