Imaging emergent heavy Dirac fermions of a topological Kondo insulator

  title={Imaging emergent heavy Dirac fermions of a topological Kondo insulator},
  author={H. Pirie and Y. Liu and A. Soumyanarayanan and P. Chen and Y. He and Michael M. Yee and P. Rosa and J. Thompson and D. Kim and Z. Fisk and Xiangfeng Wang and J. Paglione and D. Morr and M. Hamidian and J. Hoffman},
  journal={Nature Physics},
  • H. Pirie, Y. Liu, +12 authors J. Hoffman
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • Nature Physics
  • The interplay between strong electron interactions and band topology is a new frontier in the search for exotic quantum phases. The Kondo insulator SmB 6 has emerged as a promising platform because its correlation-driven bulk gap is predicted to host topological surface modes entangled with f electrons, spawning heavy Dirac fermions 1 – 4 . Unlike the conventional surface states of non-interacting topological insulators, heavy Dirac fermions are expected to harbour spontaneously generated… CONTINUE READING
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