Imaging assessment before surgical resection.


The improvement of preoperative imaging techniques gets hepatic surgery easier making it more safer and effective. The authors describe the most common hepatic pathologies, benign and malignant, pointing out for each one the principal diagnostic appearances achievable with, the several techniques and, collating these last between them, they optimize the diagnostic-curative pathways for several pathologies. Beyond allowing the diagnosis of the lesion's nature, an important role of the imaging modalities is also to evaluate the resectability of single lesion, weighing up its exact location and the impact on the vascular system esteeming, finally, the volume of remnant liver in case of larger resections. The intra- and extrahepatic, preoperative staging, of the varied hepatic lesions, primitive and secondary, performed comparing the most modern diagnostics techniques, results to be dramatically important arterial portography during, CT (CTAP), contrast-enhanced helical CT, MR imaging. For each patient it's possible to plan the most adequate treatment to his pathology.

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