Imaging and Targeting of the Hypoxia-inducible Factor 1-active Microenvironment

  title={Imaging and Targeting of the Hypoxia-inducible Factor 1-active Microenvironment},
  author={Shinae Kizaka-Kondoh and Shotaro Tanaka and Masahiro Hiraoka},
  booktitle={Journal of toxicologic pathology},
Human solid tumors contain hypoxic regions that have considerably lower oxygen tension than normal tissues. They are refractory to radiotherapy and anticancer chemotherapy. Although more than half a century has passed since it was suggested that tumour hypoxia correlates with poor treatment outcomes and contributes to recurrence of cancer, no fundamental solution to this problem has been found. Hypoxia-inducible factor-1(HIF-1) is the main transcription factor that regulates the cellular… CONTINUE READING


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