Imaging activated T cells predicts response to cancer vaccines.

  title={Imaging activated T cells predicts response to cancer vaccines.},
  author={Israt S. Alam and Aaron T Mayer and Idit Sagiv-Barfi and Kezheng Wang and Ophir Vermesh and Debra Katherine Czerwinski and Emily M Johnson and Michelle L. James and Ronald Levy and Sanjiv Sam Gambhir},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={128 6},
In situ cancer vaccines are under active clinical investigation, given their reported ability to eradicate both local and disseminated malignancies. Intratumoral vaccine administration is thought to activate a T cell-mediated immune response, which begins in the treated tumor and cascades systemically. In this study, we describe a PET tracer (64Cu-DOTA-AbOX40) that enabled noninvasive and longitudinal imaging of OX40, a cell-surface marker of T cell activation. We report the spatiotemporal… CONTINUE READING