Imaging Ca2+ Entering the Cytoplasm through a Single Opening of a Plasma Membrane Cation Channel

  title={Imaging Ca2+ Entering the Cytoplasm through a Single Opening of a Plasma Membrane Cation Channel},
  author={Hui Wen Zou and Lawrence M. Lifshitz and Richard A. Tuft and Kevin E. Fogarty and Joshua A. Singer},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={575 - 588}
Discrete localized fluorescence transients due to openings of a single plasma membrane Ca(2+) permeable cation channel were recorded using wide-field digital imaging microscopy with fluo-3 as the Ca(2+) indicator. These transients were obtained while simultaneously recording the unitary channel currents using the whole-cell current-recording configuration of the patch-clamp technique. This cation channel in smooth muscle cells is opened by caffeine (Guerrero, A., F.S. Fay, and J.J. Singer. 1994… CONTINUE READING
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