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Imagined portraits:Reviving figures from Australia’s past

  title={Imagined portraits:Reviving figures from Australia’s past},
  author={Ae Jackett},
This thesis contributes to the growing scholarly interest in connections with Australia’s past through localised, individual stories. While much of this scholarship has focused on literature and the writings of cultural historians, this thesis concentrates on ways of visually recovering the memory of historical figures in relation to land through examining a unique form of portraiture which I have termed ‘imagined’. The concept of imagined portraiture is distinguished from more conventional… 

‘A pretty decent sort of bloke’: Towards the quest for an Australian Jesus

  • J. Goroncy
  • Political Science
    HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies
  • 2019
From many Aboriginal elders, such as Tjangika Napaltjani, Bob Williams and Djiniyini Gondarra, to painters, such as Arthur Boyd, Pro Hart and John Forrester-Clack, from historians, such as Manning



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