Imagined Communities: Women's History and the History of Gender in Mexico

  title={Imagined Communities: Women's History and the History of Gender in Mexico},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Teresa Fern{\'a}ndez-Aceves},
  journal={Journal of Women's History},
  pages={200 - 205}
Traditional and Modern Cohabitation in Latin America: A Comparative Typology
The existence of cohabitation is a historical feature of nuptiality in Latin America. Traditionally, cohabitation was common in less developed regions, among the lower social classes. But today, its
Cohabitation in Latin America: a comparative perspective
Measuring Gender Equality in Family Decision Making in Latin America: A Key Towards Understanding Changing Family Configurations
This study investigates gender equality in terms of decision making in Latin American families. A step-by-step multi-group latent class analysis (MGLCA) is applied to extract the construct of gender
The Imagined Communities of Women's History: current debates and emerging themes, a rhizomatic approach
This article reconsiders some of the emergent features of feminist history since 2001. It employs Deleuze and Guattari's notion of the ‘rhizome’—a root structure which grows in unpredictable and
Made in Her Image: Frida Kahlo as Material Culture
Frida Kahlo's art and persona are powerful examples of material culture. This article examines how Kahlo's development and influences from early twentieth-century Mexico City played crucial roles in
La Madre Matiana: Prophetess and Nation in Mexican Satire
On July 1, 1917, a publication calling itself La Madre Matiana hit the newsstands in Mexico City. The newspaper promised a bold take on politics and society, and its masthead revealed a mission both
Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico: The Emergence of a New Feminist Political History
  • John D. French
  • Political Science
    Latin American Politics and Society
  • 2008
Olcott, Jocelyn. Revolutionary Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico. Durham: Duke University Press, 2005. Photographs, maps, tables, bibliography, index, 361 pp.; hardcover $84.95, paperback $23.95.
O trabalho de Jocelyn Olcott’s sobre a historia do Mexico, com seus noventa milhoes de habitantes, insere-a na mais antiga, mais numerosa e mais bem desenvolvida area de concentracao na historia da


The Civilizing Process
Part 1 On the Sociogenesis of the Concepts "Civilization" and "Culture": 1 Sociogenesis of the Difference between "Kultur" and "Zivilization" in German Usage 2 Sociogenesis of the Concept of
Reflexiones epistemológicas para el estudio de "los hombres" como sujetos genéricos*
Stimulated by feminist philosopher Rae Langton and by men and women critical of what they call “the epistemology of modern science”, this essay raises the question: For the study of men, what are the
A History of private life
from Harvard University Press U A History of Private Life Philippe Aries and George Duby, General Editors Volume I: From Pagan Rome to Byzantium Edited by Paul Veyne Translated by Arthur Goldhammer
La lucha sobre el sufragio femenino en Jalisco, 1910-1958
El 50 aniversario del sufragio femenino en Mexico es un momento propicio para evaluar como las mujeres entraron a la politica y como obtuvieron y ejercieron su ciudadaniasocial, civil y politica.
Quinientos años de olvido: historiografía e historia de la mujer en México
Revision  historiografica   sobre  la historia   de la mujer  en  Mexico  durante   los ultimos  quinientos  anos.  Se hace  hincapie  en  la diferencia que existe entre  la labor  de rescate  de