Images of unclassified and supergiant B[e] stars disks with interferometry

  title={Images of unclassified and supergiant B[e] stars disks with interferometry},
  author={F. Millour and Anthony Meilland and Olivier Chesneau and Marcelo Borges Fernandes and Jose H Groh and Thomas Driebe and Adriane Liermann and G. Weigelt},
  journal={Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union},
  pages={410 - 411}
Abstract B[e] stars are among the most peculiar objects in the sky. This spectral type, characterised by allowed and forbidden emission lines, and a large infrared excess, does not represent an homogenous class of objects, but instead, a mix of stellar bodies seen in all evolutionary status. Among them, one can find Herbig stars, planetary nebulae central stars, interacting binaries, supermassive stars, and even “unclassified” B[e] stars: systems sharing properties of several of the above… Expand
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