Images of aurorae on Jupiter from H+3 emission at 4 μm

  title={Images of aurorae on Jupiter from H+3 emission at 4 μm},
  author={Sang Jeong Kim and Pierre Drossart and John Caldwell and J L Maillard and Mark A. Shure},
SINCE their discovery by Voyager1, aurorae on Jupiter have been regularly observed over the past ten years, from space at ultraviolet wavelengths2 and from the Earth in the thermal infrared band3 (8–13 μm). The ultraviolet emissions originate from H and H2 in the highest part of the atmosphere, whereas the thermal infrared emissions originate from the stratosphere. Here we present images of near-infrared H+3 emission, recorded simultaneously with high-resolution spectra. Having both imaging and… CONTINUE READING