Images of Terror: Enduring the Scars of 9/11

  title={Images of Terror: Enduring the Scars of 9/11},
  author={Nicolaus Mills},
  pages={75 - 80}
On April 27 of this year, Air Force One rattled windows and shocked New Yorkers when it did a low flyover above New York Harbor. The flyover was deliberate. Government officials thought that it was time to update the pictures they were using of Air Force One. They wanted to photograph the president's plane with the Statue of Liberty in the background. But the officials forgot that for millions of Americans—particularly New Yorkers—such pictures and images are inseparable from those of 9/11.What… 
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Frenzied Representation and the Forbidden Image: 9/11's Falling Man and the Unrepresentable
This article deconstructs the events surrounding the initial deletion of Richard Drew's "Falling Man" photograph from the archive of September 11. Via such philosophers as Paul Ricoeur and Georges