ImageJ2: ImageJ for the next generation of scientific image data

  title={ImageJ2: ImageJ for the next generation of scientific image data},
  author={Curtis T. Rueden and Johannes E. Schindelin and Mark C. Hiner and Barry E. DeZonia and Alison E. Walter and Ellen T. Arena and Kevin W. Eliceiri},
  journal={BMC Bioinformatics},
BackgroundImageJ is an image analysis program extensively used in the biological sciences and beyond. Due to its ease of use, recordable macro language, and extensible plug-in architecture, ImageJ enjoys contributions from non-programmers, amateur programmers, and professional developers alike. Enabling such a diversity of contributors has resulted in a large community that spans the biological and physical sciences. However, a rapidly growing user base, diverging plugin suites, and technical… 
New Extensibility and Scripting Tools in the ImageJ Ecosystem
Five protocols are provided that demonstrate the extensibility of ImageJ for various workflows in image processing, including Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy data, since this requires significant processing to provide quantitative insights into the microenvironments of cells.
The ImageJ ecosystem: Open‐source software for image visualization, processing, and analysis
The contributions of ImageJ2 to enhancing multidimensional image processing and interoperability in the ImageJ ecosystem are discussed, reflecting a shift in the bioimage analysis community towards exploiting artificial intelligence.
ImageJ for the Next Generation of Scientific Image Data
These efforts towards interoperability and extensibility in the ImageJ consortium are presented, actively developing key software libraries like ImgLib and ImageJ Ops that are utilized to analyze and visualize biological image data, to the developmental benefit of not only of the applications but the libraries themselves.
Integration of the ImageJ Ecosystem in KNIME Analytics Platform
This work presents how users and developers alike can leverage the ImageJ ecosystem via the KNIME Image Processing extension to provide robust and extensible image analysis within KNIME workflows, and illustrates the benefits of this integration with examples.
SciJava Interface for Parallel Execution in the ImageJ Ecosystem
This approach strives to make high-performance infrastructure accessible to ImageJ plugin developers whilst remaining extensible and technology-agnostic and promising for prospective integration of the created functionality into the SciJava Common library.
Interactive design of GPU-accelerated Image Data Flow Graphs and cross-platform deployment using multi-lingual code generation
The CLIJ-assistant keeps track of which operations formed an image and suggests subsequent operations, and enables new ways of interaction with image data and image processing operations because its underlying GPU-accelerated image data flow graphs (IDFGs) allow changes to parameters of early processing steps and instantaneous visualization of their final results.
Labkit: Labeling and Segmentation Toolkit for Big Image Data
Labkit is specifically designed to work efficiently on big image data and enables users of consumer laptops to conveniently work with multiple-terabyte images by using ImgLib2 and BigDataViewer as the foundation of the software.
Tales from the Trenches: Developing sciview, a new 3D viewer for the ImageJ community
The development process and design decisions made, putting an emphasis on sustainable development, community building, and software engineering best practises, are described and the motivation for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as a target platform for visualisation applications is highlighted.
FunImageJ: a Lisp framework for scientific image processing
Summary FunImageJ is a Lisp framework for scientific image processing built upon the ImageJ software ecosystem. The framework provides a natural functional‐style for programming, while accounting for
ImageJ and CellProfiler: Complements in Open‐Source Bioimage Analysis
Two pipelines demonstrating mechanisms for productively and conveniently integrating ImageJ and CellProfiler for studying cell morphology and migration via tracking, and advanced stitching techniques for handling large, tiled image sets to improve segmentation are shared.


SCIFIO: an extensible framework to support scientific image formats
The core of SCIFIO is its modular definition of formats, the design of which clearly outlines the components of image I/O to encourage extensibility, facilitated by the dynamic discovery of the SciJava plugin framework.
ImgLib2—generic image processing in Java
Summary: ImgLib2 is an open-source Java library for n-dimensional data representation and manipulation with focus on image processing. It aims at minimizing code duplication by cleanly separating
Bisque: a platform for bioimage analysis and management
Bisque is a web-based platform specifically designed to provide researchers with organizational and quantitative analysis tools for 5D image data and users can extend Bisque with both data model and analysis extensions in order to adapt the system to local needs.
The ImageJ ecosystem: An open platform for biomedical image analysis
The ImageJ project is used as a case study of how open‐source software fosters its suites of software tools, making multitudes of image‐analysis technology easily accessible to the scientific community.
Fiji: an open-source platform for biological-image analysis
Fiji is a distribution of the popular open-source software ImageJ focused on biological-image analysis that facilitates the transformation of new algorithms into ImageJ plugins that can be shared with end users through an integrated update system.
Engineering and algorithm design for an image processing Api: a technical report on ITK--the Insight Toolkit.
We present the detailed planning and execution of the Insight Toolkit (ITK), an application programmers interface (API) for the segmentation and registration of medical image data. This public
scikit-image: image processing in Python
The advantages of open source to achieve the goals of the scikit-image library are highlighted, and several real-world image processing applications that use scik it-image are showcased.
Quantitating the cell: turning images into numbers with ImageJ
An overview of prominent imaging processing approaches in ImageJ is given that are of particular interest for biological imaging and that illustrate the functionality of ImageJ and other open source image analysis software.
MiToBo - A Toolbox for Image Processing and Analysis
MiToBo is a toolbox and Java library for solving basic as well as advanced image processing and analysis tasks that builds upon and integrates into the widely-used image analysis software packages ImageJ and Fiji.
BigDataViewer: visualization and processing for large image data sets
ClearVolume makes live imaging truly live by enabling direct real-time inspection of the specimen imaged in light-sheet microscopes through an interface for stabilization of the sample.