Image-guided and passively tumour-targeted polymeric nanomedicines for radiochemotherapy

  title={Image-guided and passively tumour-targeted polymeric nanomedicines for radiochemotherapy},
  author={Twan Lammers and Vladim{\'i}r {\vS}ubr and P. Peschke and Rainer K{\"u}hnlein and Wim E Hennink and Karel Ulbrich and Fabian Kiessling and Mareike Heilmann and J{\"u}rgen Debus and Peter E Huber and Gert Storm},
  journal={British Journal of Cancer},
  pages={900 - 910}
Drug targeting systems are nanometer-sized carrier materials designed for improving the biodistribution of systemically applied (chemo-) therapeutics. Reasoning that (I) the temporal and spatial interaction between systemically applied chemotherapy and clinically relevant fractionated radiotherapy is suboptimal, and that (II) drug targeting systems are able to improve the temporal and spatial parameters of this interaction, we have here set out to evaluate the potential of ‘carrier-based… CONTINUE READING