Image coding using wavelets based on two-channel linear phase orthogonal IIR filter banks

  title={Image coding using wavelets based on two-channel linear phase orthogonal IIR filter banks},
  author={Toshiyuki Uto and Masahiro Okuda and Masaaki Ikehara and S. Takahashi},
  journal={Proceedings 1999 International Conference on Image Processing (Cat. 99CH36348)},
  pages={265-268 vol.2}
  • T. Uto, M. Okuda, S. Takahashi
  • Published 24 October 1999
  • Engineering
  • Proceedings 1999 International Conference on Image Processing (Cat. 99CH36348)
In this paper, we focus on two-channel perfect reconstruction IIR filter banks. Often two-channel FIR filter banks with additional characteristics such as the perfect reconstruction property and linear phase are used in subband systems. This type of filter banks belongs to the class called biorthogonal filter banks. While several works have pointed out that the perfect reconstruction IIR filter banks have both linear phase and orthogonality, the linear phase orthogonal IIR filter banks have… 

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